Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it summer???

Can you believe the fantastic weather we have been having? 90 degrees in April? Believe me, after all the rain we have had, we definitely deserved to have good weather. The beach and boardwalk have been crowded. Even with 50 degree water there have some brave (read crazy) people who have even gone in the ocean! One of the best things about the shore is the great breezes we have. So even with the high temp it was still comfortable here. Amazing what a cool breeze can do! This week is Spring Block Party - keep your fingers crossed for nice weather, especially on Saturday when the crafters are here. I'm filled on Saturday night but I still have room on Friday and Sunday. You could come here Friday, have a great afternoon, sleep well and have a fantastic breakfast then check out and attend the craft fair. There will also be sales on the boardwalk both Saturday and Sunday. Something for every shopper!

Stayed tuned for more Serendipity news. I'm creating a special for May which will be almost all inclusive - includes coupons for dining and a treat also. And - big news - Serendipity is going to be even greener. But that is a subject for other blogs Just a teaser to keep you coming back!

See you soon!

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