Friday, April 10, 2009

New place in town!

A new restaurant opened in town on Thursday. It is called Ocean City Seafood Company and is located on the corner of 9th and Central - where Kibbutz used to be. Chef Paul expects to be open year round. It will be great having a seafood restaurant that is open year round in OC. Right now when a guest wants a seafood dinner, I generally send them over to Somers Point to Crab Trap or Anchorage. I went to OC Seafood Company yesterday - opening day - for lunch. I read in the paper that they were opening and wanted to see what it was like before the weekend. I had a cup of cream of crab soup - very good and creamy! They also make one that is a tomato base - which I did not try. I imagine it is like a Manhattan chowder. I then had a crab cake sandwich which is served on a Bennie's roll (from Bennies Bread on Asbury). Very good - a different type of crab cake in that is is kind of creamy. Philadelphia magazine named it Best of the Shore. The sandwich comes with coleslaw and fries. The cole slaw is very good - I am particular about cole slaw and I loved it! I was talking to Chef Paul and told him I owned Serendipity B&B, just up the street from him. He also gave me sample of their chicken salad. It is made with candied walnuts which give it a really nice taset - a bit sweet but not too sweet. He also gave me some potato salad to try. It was good but I am not a big potato salad person. My mother made the best :) I will definitely recommend this place. Deb and Bonnie - a new place to try out next time you are down here. I have not had any of the dinners so between the 3 of us we can try 3 of the dinners. I know that you will be honest in your review! This is not to say I will be abandoning Scully's. I still think Scully's has great food. Depending upon my dinner critics we just may have another place to recommend! The great thing about spring is that there are more choices for dinner!

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  1. looking forward to trying this new place! wishing to get down there soon.......Miss ya! Glad you enjoyed the conference. Have a wonderful Easter!