Friday, May 8, 2009

Martin Mollask predicts summer to come early!

Thursday was Martin Mullask Day. What - you are not familiar with Martin? Let me tell you about him. Martin is a hermit crab that predicts if summer will come one week early in Ocean City. Note well the disclaimer that this prediction is ONLY good for Ocean City, not for any other town in the US. If Martin sees his shadow then summer will come one week early. And guess what - Martin saw his shadow! Thursday started kind of dark and dreary - like many of the other days that we have seen lately. And I swear to you, as I was walking up to the boardwalk to witness Martin's prediction, the sun started to come out! The sun played hide and seek until just before Martin was to be released and then the sun came out in full strength!!!! And yes, Martin saw his shadow. I can't wait - summer will be here one week early! So hurry and make those summer reservations. Summer will be here one week early!

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