Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Block Party in Ocean City!


Spring Block Party, the first weekend of May, officially opens the season for Ocean City. The weather could have been a bit more cooperative. Sweatshirts were definitely needed and every now and then you also needed an umbrella - or at least a hood on that sweatshirt! Normally you can hardly move - the street is so packed. Not today. While there were a lot of people, I think a lot stayed away. After the past 2 awesome weekends, this weekend was a let down. You have to feel sorry for the people doing the show. I used to do them and I know the feeling when the weather is bad. There were some who did not show. While there were a number of people, I did not see a lot of people with bags. A lot of lookers....Probably a bit of a comment on the economy. The other thing is that the food places were not inundated with people. No long lines. Actually, the 2 places I went there was no line at all! There seemed to be a lot of jewelry and stained glass. More stained glass than I remember from past years. I did not buy anything and I only went down around 3-4 blocks. I really went there to get lunch :) And it was good - a cheesesteak sandwich from Donkey's (unfortunately they forgot to hold the onions) and then some red crab soup from Ikes. It started to rain a bit - not much, just enough to put up my hood for a few minutes - so I decided to head on home. I stopped at my friends Marj and Harmon - they own Brown's Nostalgia - on the way back. Had a nice hot cup of tea, a couple of cookies an hour or two of great conversation! I've been lucky to make some nice friends since I moved to Ocean City. So that was the block party. I'm filled tonight so I am a happy camper - and that is also the reason I could take the afternoon off to go to the Block Party and visit! Life is good in Ocean City!
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