Friday, July 3, 2009

Serendipity on CBS 3!

On Wednesday Serendipity got a few seconds of fame - we were mentioned on CBS3 morning show and also at the end of the noon news! So how did this all happen??? CBS3 was doing a live broadcast at the Music Pier on Wednesday called At the Shore and Ukee Washington was the anchor down here. He called the previous day to reserve a room since he needed to be up on the boardwalk by about 4:00 am - even earlier than I have to get up! Of course I was excited that he was staying here! Ukee is the nicest person - he is the same person you see on TV. Very personable and yes, he is just as good looking in person as he is on TV! When he checked in we were talking about his assignment the next day and he said if I gave him a Serendipity Tshirt he would hold it up during the show. Of course I jumped at the chance! He forgot the Tshirt for the morning show - who can blame him. If I had to get up at 4:00 am I wouldn't be thinking about a Tshirt either but he did mention having a good night's sleep at Serendipity. Between the morning show and the noon news he came back for breakfast and brought Maria LaRosa with him. She is also a very nice and genuine person and yes, guys, she looks just as pretty in person as she does on TV. They both had breakfast - the Italian frittata, muffin of the day was cinnamin pecan - before they went back for the noon broadcast. And at the end of the broadcast, Ukee held up the Serendipity Tshirt and said "Serendipity Bed and Breakfast, check it out!" So that was our little bit of fame. Not bad :) I also had both Ukee and Maria sign the menu. Ask to see it the next time you are here. And I am thinking of getting a placque to put on the house saying "Washington slept here"!
Have a great 4th of July and don't forget to make your summer resevations!

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