Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washing Machine Blues

I really do wish that Washing Machine Blues referred to a song but sadly it refers to my poor 4 year old (purchased 5/2005) being laid to rest. That happening during the hgh season is a bit stressful but it happening to a machine that is only 4 years old is really aggravating. The saga started on Sunday when I went to put the first load of the day into the dryer. Hmmm....guess I overloaded the washer since these towels are very wet. So I took out a few towels, ran the final spin and they are still very wet. OK, so I must have really overloaded the washer. Took out even more towels. Did this 2 more times until I finally could no longer ignore what was happening - the washer was not spinning. Great - 4th of July weekend, a Sunday, could the service call be any higher????? Decide that this can wait until tomorrow - during regular business hours. Next morning around 6:45 am (you mean that is not a regular business hour?) I call and get a real person on the phone. He says he will be out that morning and 15 minutes later he is in my laundry room. Fantastic I think - I'll have my machine fixed before breakfast! Not so fast - he didn't realize how "new" the machine was. Of course it is a computerized part that is bad so he will be back that afternoon. And he really does come back early afternoon. However, news is not so good. If the board he has does not work, the part I need is NLA - in layman's terms that means "no longer available". How can that be???? The machine is only 4 years old. Obviously it was not a good year for that machine. And of course the board does not work. So now I am 2 days behind in wash. I call the local appliance store - Johnsons -tell him my sad tale. The appliance repair guy, Tom, tells me which washer I want and naturally he needs to talk to the guy on the phone since I want to be sure I get the right washer. Things are good until I am told it will be delivered Wednesday. No, I say, I need it tomorrow - Tuesday (which would be day 3 with no washer). I agree to take the floor model - let's face it, it's not as though you actually try out a washer so of course it has not been used. True to his word, Johnson's Appliance delivers Tuesday afternoon! So thank you to Tom from Johnson's Appliance and Tom from Ulmers Appliance Repair. I have now (Wednesday) done about a million loads of wash and just as bad, folded that million loads. 2 left to go and we can start out fresh! When something like this happens I always hope that none of the guests are aware of the "back office" problems. Because I made sure that I always had 3 sets of sheets for each bed and twice as many towels as needed, I actually did not run out of any linens. Sometimes it pays to be overly prepared :) So don't tell anyone about the no washer for 3 days - it can be our secret!

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