Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Craft Shows Galore!

Ocean City has made an effort to give people a reason to come to Ocean City after the summer. If you ask any locals, we will tell you that after the summer is a great time to visit. For those people who do not like crowds, there are less people. In September and into October can be some of the best weather - warm during the day and good sleeping weather at night! Once November hits, I have to admit that fantastic weather days are not too common. We did have a few of those this past weekend and into the beginning of the week. Today Ida is visiting so there are a lot of blustery winds. No rain now so that is a good thing! But enough about the weather! What is going on in OC this weekend. Our first of 2 weekends of Craft Shows! There will be different vendors at each of the shows for the two weekends so you can go to both shows and not see the exact same vendors! The best thing is that the low admission fee of $3.00 goes directly to local charities. So you get to enjoy yourself, buy a few holiday gifts and also know that you have directly helped a local charity! So it is a feel good weekend!
Anyone familiar with Ocean City knows that we have a few, well, let's call them unique weekends. This weekend is one of them. This is our Quiet Festival! There are a number of quiet events such as the pin drop contest. Have you even been to a pin drop contest? If not, then get over to OC this weekend so you can participate. Straight pins or safety pins are both acceptable! You will also get the opportunity to listen to a rendition or two of the only Wind Chime Orchestra. This is a very unique band composed only of wind chimes. Wow - who would have thought! These are just two of the unique and novel Quiet Festival events awaiting you this weekend!
If you cannot make it to OC this weekend, next weekend is the "Earlier than the Bird" downtown shopping extravaganza. Because it starts at 7:00 am, you are invited to shop in your pajamas! Now what other town invites you to shop in your pajamas???? And they are also offering a chance to get a turkey, there will be free coffee and mugs, and lots more. I still have rooms open for that weekend so give me a call. And remember to bring your best jammies!
There is a peacefulness and calmness in Ocean City this time of year. If you need a break from your daily schedule or you need to catch your breath before the holidays, take some time for yourself and visit Ocean City. I'll be waiting for your call!

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