Friday, November 13, 2009

Living on a Barrier Island

I am really, really tired of rain and storms and more rain. So now we are dealing with remnants of Ida. People on the west side of the island have been asked to voluntarily evacuate. I have not ventured out in this storm - it is really, really windy - up to 60 mph winds - but at other times it is sad to see how flooded the western part of the island gets. I would guess the building/buying on or near marsh land is probably not a good idea.....Ocean City has 2 ways to get directly onto the mainland - either the 9th St/Rt 52 Causeway or the 34th St bridge. Whoops - both closed due to flooding. that means that if you need to leave the idea you use either Longport bridge or the bridge into Strathmere. Ever go through Strathmere during a storm at high tide? Strathmere is so narrow it is not out of the question that the bay and the ocean meet. So now you have Longport. Let's hope that the streets leading to and from that bridge do not flood. So this is what living on an island is all about. You know what - I don't care - I would still never give it up! I am fortunate that it is warm and cozy here at Serendipity. I have electricity, my phone works, and all other appliances. Now if only I could elevate the house so that the basement does not flood! Small price to pay though :) The wind may be whipping now the streets and between the houses but my awnings are down (thanks Rich!), my porch furniture is secure and all the windows close tightly! Living here you really see the magnificence of Mother Nature! What a great place to live!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I can tell you at some point in my life I have lived on most of the barrier islands and never had any issues. They were some of the best times of my life. We stayed through all the hurricanes, flooding, winds, etc that came through and never evacuated. But I can also tell you that I usually lived in a home that was elevated off the ground. So we were pretty safe from flooding.