Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating help!

I love the Christmas season and I love to decorate for it. What I do not particularly care for is bringing about 30 totes down from the attic. It is actually a 2 step process. First they all come down from the attic and are lined up in my office/sitting room. Then - one by one - they make the trek from the 3rd floor to the 1st flr for decorating. This year was great - I had help with step 1! Having family visit is great but having them help you out is even better. so between my sisters Deb and Bonnie and my brother Don's family - Marybeth, Andrew who is 10, and Kevin who is 6 - I did not have to do anything with step 1. Not bad :) My nephew Kevin has a fascination with electricity. So I gave him the job of testing the lights. He loved it! Of course his dad, Don, and his aunt, Deb, got called in to help out. But Kevin did a pretty good job of getting the lights straightened out, tested, and ready to be put outside. I figured that Kevin was doing a good job so why not let him finish. He was thrilled when I told him he could do the lights outside - by himself. I got a couple of looks from the adults but the expression on Kevin's face was worth it. And he did a great job. For someone his age to do as much work as he did - he did the railings around the porch and then the bushes - was pretty amazing. So thanks, Kevin!
Not to be outdone, Andrew also was a big help. This time of year Deb covers all the air conditioners. She had the sleeves all ready but needed a 2nd set of hands. Andrew was right there to help out. While Deb climbed the ladder outside, Andrew did the inside work. All the air conditioners got covered in a short amount of time. Don and Marybeth are doing a good job of raising those 2 boys.
So keep them in mind if you need lights strung or other work around the house.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and if you need work done around the house you have some elves as cute as mine!

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