Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Times at Serendipity!

I like to think that any time you are at Serendipity it is a happy time but some times are happier than others! In August we had a great weekend. Fred called a weeks before to say he was looking for a room for a weekend in August. He was going to propose to his girlfriend and wanted it to be a special weekend. I am always happy to be part of a wonderful event like that!. So Fred and Maia checked in on a Friday night and the next morning I am expecting to see a ring on her finger. They come down for breakfast, a little bit of chatting, but no showing off a new ring. Hmmmm...cold feet? Hopefully she didn't say no - now that would have made for an awkward weekend! Then they mentioned that they were going to a special restaurant in Cape May that night. Wait until you hear about the proposal. Talk about romantic.......After dinner Fred announced that he wanted to go on a carriage ride. Maia thought that was a bit odd, but it was fine with her. Unfortunately there was an hour wait. Fred had called inquiring about reservations but they do not take reservations. So they waited - and Fred said he was starting to get a bit nervous. Towards the end of the ride the carriage had to stop at a red light. Fred immediately went down on one knee and proposed - and Maia said yes! By the way, the carriage driver told them that the week before there had been a proposal in his carriage but the girl said no. Ouch.....But all was well with Fred and Maia. And at breakfast on Sunday Maia had a beautiful ring on her finger and they had a great story to tell! It is great to be part of some one's happy memories :)

Also at Serendipity that weekend was Paul and Michelle. About a year and a half ago they got engaged on the boardwalk in Ocean City. When they had checked in that night Paul seemed awfully anxious to get settled and then get to the boardwalk. It was evening and they were going to get some Mack and Manco pizza. Since they have been here numerous times, Michelle and I were chatting while Paul got the bags in, car parked etc. The next morning I found out why Paul was so nervous - he had proposed to Michelle on the boardwalk - I believe it was in the Children's Pavilion - and she accepted. When they arrived for their stay this year they announced that they were having a baby arriving probably in November. How wonderful for them!

It was a weekend filled with happy news. I hope that every one's stay at Serendipity is as happy as it has been for Fred and Maia and Paul and Michelle!

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