Saturday, November 14, 2009

After the storm

I went up on the boardwalk this morning to see the aftermath of Ida. There is some beach erosion - at low tide there was not much beach showing. However, it was not as bad as I expected. The ramp by the Music Pier lost the bottom part but the stairways all appear to be intact. The dunes took a lot of punishment but they did their part in keeping the ocean contained. The boardwalk was not damaged and when I was up there around 10 am this morning there were already open signs! OC merchants are resilient!

Taking a drive along West was not as good. 9th Street is flooded from the bridge to Haven (street in back of McDonalds) and this was about 6 hours after high tide. That area always floods but I have never seen it that bad. Driving sough on West was sad - looking towards the bay most of the roads to about 18th were flooded. You do not realize how much higher Asbury is than West until you see it after a storm. At one point I was nervous about going through water with my RAV4 and there were areas where you just drove in the middle of the road. I turned back at 46th - West was completely flooded there and watching some trucks go through convinced me I did not need to go further!

Going north on West was even worse. I got as far as about 6th or 7th and then turned back - that is how flooded the road still was. Before you buy a house in OC west of Asbury see what the area looks like after a storm....

I had read in the newspaper that the National Guard had been called out. It was strange seeing the trucks in OC.I am glad I live in the area of OC that I do.

Thank you to everyone who called or emailed to see how Serendipity and I were doing! We weathered the storms and the winds rather well and can't wait to see you again!

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast

Friday, November 13, 2009

Living on a Barrier Island

I am really, really tired of rain and storms and more rain. So now we are dealing with remnants of Ida. People on the west side of the island have been asked to voluntarily evacuate. I have not ventured out in this storm - it is really, really windy - up to 60 mph winds - but at other times it is sad to see how flooded the western part of the island gets. I would guess the building/buying on or near marsh land is probably not a good idea.....Ocean City has 2 ways to get directly onto the mainland - either the 9th St/Rt 52 Causeway or the 34th St bridge. Whoops - both closed due to flooding. that means that if you need to leave the idea you use either Longport bridge or the bridge into Strathmere. Ever go through Strathmere during a storm at high tide? Strathmere is so narrow it is not out of the question that the bay and the ocean meet. So now you have Longport. Let's hope that the streets leading to and from that bridge do not flood. So this is what living on an island is all about. You know what - I don't care - I would still never give it up! I am fortunate that it is warm and cozy here at Serendipity. I have electricity, my phone works, and all other appliances. Now if only I could elevate the house so that the basement does not flood! Small price to pay though :) The wind may be whipping now the streets and between the houses but my awnings are down (thanks Rich!), my porch furniture is secure and all the windows close tightly! Living here you really see the magnificence of Mother Nature! What a great place to live!

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Craft Shows Galore!

Ocean City has made an effort to give people a reason to come to Ocean City after the summer. If you ask any locals, we will tell you that after the summer is a great time to visit. For those people who do not like crowds, there are less people. In September and into October can be some of the best weather - warm during the day and good sleeping weather at night! Once November hits, I have to admit that fantastic weather days are not too common. We did have a few of those this past weekend and into the beginning of the week. Today Ida is visiting so there are a lot of blustery winds. No rain now so that is a good thing! But enough about the weather! What is going on in OC this weekend. Our first of 2 weekends of Craft Shows! There will be different vendors at each of the shows for the two weekends so you can go to both shows and not see the exact same vendors! The best thing is that the low admission fee of $3.00 goes directly to local charities. So you get to enjoy yourself, buy a few holiday gifts and also know that you have directly helped a local charity! So it is a feel good weekend!
Anyone familiar with Ocean City knows that we have a few, well, let's call them unique weekends. This weekend is one of them. This is our Quiet Festival! There are a number of quiet events such as the pin drop contest. Have you even been to a pin drop contest? If not, then get over to OC this weekend so you can participate. Straight pins or safety pins are both acceptable! You will also get the opportunity to listen to a rendition or two of the only Wind Chime Orchestra. This is a very unique band composed only of wind chimes. Wow - who would have thought! These are just two of the unique and novel Quiet Festival events awaiting you this weekend!
If you cannot make it to OC this weekend, next weekend is the "Earlier than the Bird" downtown shopping extravaganza. Because it starts at 7:00 am, you are invited to shop in your pajamas! Now what other town invites you to shop in your pajamas???? And they are also offering a chance to get a turkey, there will be free coffee and mugs, and lots more. I still have rooms open for that weekend so give me a call. And remember to bring your best jammies!
There is a peacefulness and calmness in Ocean City this time of year. If you need a break from your daily schedule or you need to catch your breath before the holidays, take some time for yourself and visit Ocean City. I'll be waiting for your call!

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Afternoon Tea and Friends!

One of the reasons I opened Serendipity Tea House is that there is not really a place in Ocean City or surrounding areas where you can go for tea and enjoy the company of your friends. The week before I opened a couple of my friends, Jennifer, Jane and Marj, came over and we enjoyed an afternoon of tea, scones, sanwiches and most of all great company! It's nice to have friends that you can try your "creations" on and this group is great at that! We started out with scones - both traditional and flavored. There was "devonshire" cream and strawberry jam to put on the scones. Scones fresh from the oven are the best! These were accompanied by a nice pot of Earl Grey tea - my favorite. Next we had our finger sandwiches. I had made a chicken salad with cranberries and carmelized walnuts on rye bread, a shrimp salad with just a hint of horseradish on multigrain crackers, cream cheese with pineapple and pecans on a cinnamon raisin bread and of course a cucumber sandwich - what afternoon tea would be complete without it???? This sandwich had a vegetable cream cheese spread covered with cucumbers on a whole wheat bread - delicious! Marj could not wait to get to the 3rd course - the sweets! The sweets this day were Serendipity shortbread, strawberry marzipan bars and chocolate pecan toffee bars - my favorites. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon with good friends :)

Here are a couple of pictures courtesy of Jennifer!

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast