Saturday, January 9, 2010

After Christmas let down

I love Christmas and I love decorating for Christmas. Taking the decorations out of their boxes and choosing the perfect place to put them makes me happy. And even if it is not the perfect place, I still enjoy it! Yes, I know, I can be annoying with my love of Christmas but no one is perfect! The house always looks so pretty - both inside and out. I love to drive down the street and see my house all lit up - especially if the tree inside is lit up. I love looking at the Christmas trees, the little houses all lit up and all the Santa Clauses. So you can imagine how desolate the house looks now - no outside colored lights, no Christmas trees, Santas or houses. It is always sad once the house is "undecorated". It does feel good to vacuum up all the mess from the trees - even though they are artificial they still "shed" some needles. And yes, putting the furniture back where it belongs is nice. But it is sad to put all those lovely decorations away until next Christmas. So I guess it is on to Valentine's Day and red hearts!


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