Monday, January 25, 2010

Mother Nature reigns supreme!

When they say - don't fool with Mother Nature - they sure are right! The second week of January I went to Florida to visit my brother and get some rest. Well, I sure did manage to rest up - the week I was there was the week of the freeze in Florida. I seem to bring the freeze with me. In 2009 I went to Key West a couple of weeks later in January and same thing - cold weather so again no laying on the beach. I did manage on that trip to some sun bathing by the heated pool. No such luck this trip but I did get some time to just sit and do nothing - and boy did I take advantage of that! So the trip fulfilled it's purpose - rest and relaxation!

So now I am home and again am a witness to Mother Nature. A few days ago it was 50 degrees (which is balmy this time of year!) and I enjoyed my walk on the boardwalk. I had a lot of company on that walk, too. I think everyone had the same idea - take advantage of this gift and enjoy it! Today there is rain and 50 mph walks on the boardwalk today :) I know that all regions have variations in their weather but I feel that living on an island - which means surrounded by water - seems to bring nature closer. I can feel changes in temperature, in the sky, and in the air. One thing I have also found is that regardless of the weather, I love living in Ocean City. Today, with rain and 50 mph winds provides a perfect day to brew a pot of tea and open up a good book! Yes, life is great in Ocean City!


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