Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bizzard of 2010 - Take 1

OK, so the blizzard of 2010 has arrived. It started snowing last night and really did look pretty. Around 9 pm I looked outside. The snow was coming down and there was a lot of wind. Across the street at Coral Sands, their parking lot has maybe a half inch. On MY side of the street, we already had about 2 inches on the sidewalk. Hey, no fair. It really was kind of funny - no snow across the street but snow here. Well, by morning things has kind of evened out - but there still was more snow on the south side of 9th street. However, there was enough snow to go around!
We are still waiting for the next snowstorm to come through. but I feel sorry for the people who live on the back bay area. In addition to having to deal with all the snow, they also have to deal with flooding. The next high tide is 2 pm - I cannot imagine having to deal with snow, water and wind. So things are not as bad at Serendipity as they could be. And I am thankful for that.
I set my alarm for 8 am so I could get an early start on shoveling. I woke up, heard the wind and said, forget that and snuggled back for another hour. By the time I went out, the snow had mostly stopped but the wind was really bad. I was fortunate that Rich from across the street came over and helped me to shovel. The sidewalk wasn't too bad but it was a heavier snow than the last one. The snow that had been piled up by the plows was really heavy and that is the part that Rich worked on.Conditions like this really do bring out the best in people. I feel a bit tired but invigorated by being out in the fresh air. It is cold and windy but also feels clean. I love living in Ocean City.
Stay tuned for Blizzard of 2010 - part 2. Anticipation........!


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