Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 - take 2

The second snow storm was not all it was played up to be - which was just fine! We got maybe another 3-4 inches but best of all, it was the light, fluffy snow! At 8:30 pm the snow had stopped and the wind was not crazy. I had been watching the forecasts and they were talking about temps in the single digits for Sunday and with the wind chill factor even less so I figured I should shovel Saturday night before everything froze. So I went out but it did not take very long. When I woke up the next morning I realized I could probably have waited until Sunday to shovel but at least it was all done! Only problem was the ice. Parts of the sidewalk were icy and the porch and stairs were very icy. Ever since breaking my elbow is 2003, I have been paranoid about walking on ice. With the carpeting on the porch and stairs there was not a lot I could do, Then my sister Deb reminded me that Bonnie had bought this stuff called an ice walk mat (or something close). Anyway, it is hard to describe but is a brown fibrous material about 18" wide and you put it over ice and you can now walk! Perfect for the porch and stairs! It does not mold itself perfectly to the stairs but is fine if you are holding onto the railing. I had just enough salt left in the bag to do the sidewalk so I was all set! Here is a pic of the house - with the ice walk mat. Doesn't everything look pretty?
Later in the day I drove down to the south end to check on Deb and Bonnie's house for them. There were a lot of wires either down or very heavily weighted with all the snow and ice. I guess those are the houses that may have been without power. Fortunately Deb and Bonnie's house appeared to be fine.
Next storm is Tuesday evening.....stay tuned!

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