Saturday, March 13, 2010

The value of dunes

I could not decide whether to use the above title or call it Under the Boardwalk. OC, along with most of the east coast, has been battered by high winds and rain this weekend. It started Friday night and Saturday is supposed to have been the worst day. Let me tell you - those winds were really ferocious! Whenever there is a high wind warning, I turn the chairs over on the porch. That still did not stop the chairs from being blown across the porch - but at least I did not lose any! The house next to me had a table fly off it and when I went to get the table to put it back, it was pretty heavy. The top of the table appeared to be glass - but although the table landed on the top, it did not break, so maybe it is not glass. It was still heavy enough that I could not lift it - so you really wonder how it managed to get blown off the porch! A house 3 houses down had a gutter pipe ripped from the side of the house but it was still connected so it was banging against the house most of the morning. However, since you could only hear it if you were outside it didn't bother anyone here! Around 4 pm the rains finally stopped and wind died down a bit. I could hear the ocean roaring so decided to go up to take a look. Wow - was that ocean ever rough! what was really amazing was to see the difference between where the dunes are still intact and where they have been destroyed. High tide was not due until after 6 pm but the ocean was already going far under the boardwalk wherever there was no dune. The dunes were still stopping the ocean but let's keep our fingers crossed that we do not lose more dunes! So, whenever you feel like complaining about the dunes and how they block your view of the beach/ocean, just remember that without the dunes we might not have a beach to be blocked! One of the pictures I took was from the stairs by 10th St. I walked down a few steps towards the beach so I could get a view of the dunes and also where there were no dunes. While I was on the steps, the tide crashed on the bottom of the steps and came up about 2-3 steps. Almost like it was telling me not to come down any further! Not a problem - I was definitely not going down any further!

I also want to tell you that the ocean smelled fantastic. You know how sometimes you get that kind of fishy smell that tells you the beach is nearby? Well, that is how it smelled up on the boardwalk. The wind was blowing, the waves were crashing, and ocean smelled like it should! Another great day in Ocean City!

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