Monday, April 12, 2010

Only in Ocean City!

I was sitting reading the paper in the living room when I heard a number of birds making a lot of noise outside. I went out on the porch to see what was causing this noise. It appeared that someone may have put a pizza box on the top of their car with a couple of slices and unintentionally drove away. In the middle of 9th St was a pizza box with 3 slices scattered on the road. You know how the birds are about food on the boardwalk? Well, they are as greedy about pizza off the boardwalk also. So the larger brownish birds are trying to grab a slice and fly away but of course the slice is too big. Then a car comes around the corner and has to really go slow because the birds do not want to let go of the pizza! Other cars would come along and blow their horn to get the birds to move. And believe me, they were very reluctant to let go of that pizza! The funny part is when another bird tries to get close enough to steal the slice - what a riot! I watched for about 10 minutes until enough of the pizza had been eaten so the birds could either get the slice to the side of the road or fly away with it. Don't worry birds - summer will be here soon enough with unsuspecting people forgetting to cover their food!

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