Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost a full moon

I was looking at the moon last night and it certainly looked full. However, according to the calendar it will not be full until tonight. Went up to the boardwalk anyway. There is nothing that looks more beautiful than seeing the moon casting it's light on the ocean. The ocean was so calm and looked so nice with the moonlight. I could sit and stare at that for hours - even with the crowds on the boardwalk! While there were a fair number of people on the boardwalk I know that next weekend it will really be crazy! I had not been up to the boardwalk to wander around for awhile so missed the opening of a couple new places. Guiseppes is no more. In it's place is another eatery - looks very nice inside. I looked at the menu - they did not have any menus to take away - and prices are comparable to other nice restaurants. Guess I will have to make the effort to try out the new place. Sigh - the life of an innkeeper. always having to try out new restaurants so I can recommend (or not) to my guests :) Anyone want to try it out with me? There is also a new pizza place about a block down from Mack and Manco. They also have sausage sandwiches and cheese steaks so I may have to give that place a try also! Crazy Susan's Cookies also has a small place on the boardwalk between 9th & 10th - close to the new pizza place. If you have never tried Crazy Susan's cookies, you should give it a try. they are really delicious! If I go back up to the boardwalk tonight - prime moon watching time! - I'll see what other places may have opened and report back!
Stay cool - and if that is not possible - come to Ocean City for the cool breezes!

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