Monday, June 14, 2010

June - the Transitional Month!

June is a great month because you have a pre-season feel to it and a season feel to it. In the first couple weeks of June, during the week, there is a calm and lull. It almost seems as though it is April - except warmer :) Yes, there are a few more people and a few more cars, but not enough to make it very noticeable. Then come the weekends.....and hold on to your hat! Now you feel as though you are into summer - a lot of people walking up and down the sidewalk, cars all over the street, fantastic smells from all the restaurants and boardwalk places. Then comes Tuesday and life goes almost back to normal - a few more people than normal, a few more cars on the street, but it is still quiet. I have to admit, I am ready for the season to begin. I might not enjoy getting up at 5:30 am but it does give a certain structure to the day :) Once I get up I am going for a while. It sure does make the day go by fast! The best part is greeting friends (guests) as they return and catching up with them. Welcoming new guests to Serendipity and listening to their stories. So let the summer begin! I am well-rested and just waiting for you to arrive!

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