Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

The town is buzzing with people and excitement! The weather has just been fantastic this week - no humidity during the day and cool at night so good sleeping weather! Today is hot - but it should be since it is July3rd and the big weekend of the year is here! It is so much fun to be in the thick of things. One of the great things about Serendipity is that you can park your car when you get here and not move it until you are ready to leave! 1/2 block from the boardwalk, walking distance to loads of restaurants, walk to Asbury Ave to shop or shop the boardwalk.It really is a great location. I still think that the best seats in the house are on the porch. There is something so restful about sitting in a rocking chair on a porch and watching the world go by. You hear parts of conversation and get to make up your own beginning and end :) You see an assortment of people go by - all shapes, sizes and colors!One thing that you do not see very often is someone smoking. Thank heavens for that. I do not know if it is the health issues or the prices of cigarettes but I really think that people are not smoking as they used to, unless they are closet smokers! I know that there are very few guests at Serendipity who smoke and they are all very considerate of other people who are on the porch. And, of course you do not see anyone drinking! It is nice to live in a town where they do not allow drinking. Although I do enjoy a glass of white wine or my Smirnoff coolers (green apple is very good!), I think being a dry town is a good thing. It makes us unique from almost all of the shore towns with the exception of Ocean Grove, and keeps some of the rowdiness away. So all in all, Ocean City is a great town to live in and a great town to visit! Hope to see you soon!

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