Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hazy, Hot and Humid in July

I think we are in the dog days of summer - except that usually describes August and July has just started! Like everyone else along the east coast we have been getting really hot weather. Tuesday the temp at the AC airport was 102 - wow!Some of the days were not bad - just hot. But when the humidity kicks in - why bother even going out. Guests that were at the beach said the sand has been almost unbearable to walk on. The water temp has been great - low to mid 70's - but once you get out of the water your poor feet get burned walking - or running - back to your chair. It makes you wonder what Mother Nature is thinking. I hope she is having a good laugh at our expense - I would hate to think she was being mean or vindictive! Mother Nature would never be mean or vindictive, but I guess she feels as though she needs to teach us a lesson sometimes :) We - or at least I - complained all through the cold, rainy spring and now they talk about drought conditions. (On a plus side, my basement has finally dried out! Having a basement in a flood zone is interesting......) I have a foreign student who is working for me this summer and his last job of the day is watering the flowers. Thank heavens for Farik - if it was left to me my poor sister would get a panic call asking her to come down and replace all the dead, dried out flowers! Yesterday was a pleasant day. I opened the awnings in the afternoon and there was a delightful breeze blowing through the porch. I am hoping for more of the same today! So please come to see us in Ocean City. Some days we do have nice ocean breezes to cool you off. And on the days that we do not, it is still better to be in Ocean City! Hope to see you soon!

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