Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Fall Really Here?

As Iwrote in my previous blog, fall is my favorite season, so I was looking forward to fall arriving....except summer refuses to leave! Yesterday was the last day of summer with fall arriving at 11 pm. Hmmm.....does anyone really care that 10:59 pm in the last of summer and 11:00 pm fall starts? I think people are more interested in watching the news, or getting ready for bed than wondering which season it is! Anyway a little before 10:00 pm I think summer realized that she was getting pushed out and wanted to have one last say so we had quite a storm - the light show was particularly spectacular! You would think that it would be cooler this morning. After all, it is fall, you know and we did have that storm. But no, it was already 69 when I got downstairs around 6:00 am. I went outside to get the paper and it was nice and warm. Not fall warm but summer warm! So it is a nice treat for those people who delayed their vacation to Ocean City and I hope they are enjoying themselves. The cooler weather will be back before we are ready for it. Remember you can always stop in for some tea at the Serendipity Tea House. Just be sure to call the day before for reservations! Enjoy the fall weather when it arrives!

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  1. Ocean City in the fall is amazing. I think it's just as good of a time to visit.