Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas can now begin!

I always feel as though you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to really start decorating. Since owning Serendipity I have stretched this personal ruling a bit. I sometimes start the few days before Thanksgiving. The big reason I do not decorate completely before Thanksgiving is purely selfish. My sister comes down for the Thanksgiving holiday and stays at her place. Also my brother and his family come down the day after Thanksgiving, spending it with Deb. But - and here comes the selfishness - they always "help" get the Christmas stuff down from the attic. ("Help" means they do the work of climbing up into the attic, passing it down and stacking it in 3rd floor office/storage/no place else to put it room). So I get a couple of bins down to get started and they do the rest. When you have 25-30 bins of decorations, that is a lot of up and down those bessler steps if you do it by yourself! Then my brother brings in my big tree from the shed. And I cannot forget my big helper, Kevin. My nephew, Kevin, is 7 and fascinated with all things electric. He also is pretty smart about it. Kevin's job is testing the lights and then helping me decorate outside. So, with all this help, you can understand why I do not do it all myself. Why take all that joy away from them! Prior to Thanksgiving I did get one small tree up and decorated and about 10-12 of my regular houses and 10 small houses put up. Starting today, though, the serious decorating begins! The difficult part about decorating when you have a business is that the place can never look totally like a wreck. Since I have guests in this weekend I need to do this in an orderly fashion. It is good for me to have these perimeters - otherwise it would look like a tornado set down in the North Pole! Stay tuned for pictures of some of my decorating. And if you have time and need to destress, why not come to Ocean City for a couple of days? It is calm and peaceful and on the weekends there are horse and carriage rides along Asbury Ave and lots of shopping deals!
I hope that if you are decorating you let the joy of the season take over and help you enjoy it!

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  1. You are well ahead of me w/ the decorating. I just put my wreath on the front door and felt a sense of accomplishment. :-) Look forward to your photos.