Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Fall Really Here?

As Iwrote in my previous blog, fall is my favorite season, so I was looking forward to fall arriving....except summer refuses to leave! Yesterday was the last day of summer with fall arriving at 11 pm. Hmmm.....does anyone really care that 10:59 pm in the last of summer and 11:00 pm fall starts? I think people are more interested in watching the news, or getting ready for bed than wondering which season it is! Anyway a little before 10:00 pm I think summer realized that she was getting pushed out and wanted to have one last say so we had quite a storm - the light show was particularly spectacular! You would think that it would be cooler this morning. After all, it is fall, you know and we did have that storm. But no, it was already 69 when I got downstairs around 6:00 am. I went outside to get the paper and it was nice and warm. Not fall warm but summer warm! So it is a nice treat for those people who delayed their vacation to Ocean City and I hope they are enjoying themselves. The cooler weather will be back before we are ready for it. Remember you can always stop in for some tea at the Serendipity Tea House. Just be sure to call the day before for reservations! Enjoy the fall weather when it arrives!

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seasons at the Shore!

Of all the season, fall has always been my favorite. I love the crispness in the air. Everything seems cleaner and brighter. But....I have to admit that since coming to Ocean City, I have developed an affinity for the other seasons also. It is still amazing to me how different the seasons are in Ocean City. (OK - so maybe other shore towns also but I can only speak for Ocean City!) Each season seems to have it's own character. Fall is still a fantastic time of the year. The hustle and bustle of summer is gone. There even seems to be a calmness in the air. And it is quiet. After enjoying the people walking up and down the sidewalk at all times of the day and into the night, the quiet is a gift. Even people who do not live here feel the same way. I was sitting on my porch (my favorite place to sit regardless of the season) with a couple who were staying here. Either Roni or Lou commented on how quiet and peaceful it was. If you are tense or stressed out from work or life in general, sit on the porch in the fall. Listen to the quiet - yes it does have it's own sound. Your worries and cares disappear!
Winter at the shore can be beautiful. It can also be cold and lonely! When it snows at the shore, there is nothing more beautiful than walking the boardwalk and seeing the snow on the dunes. Even more amazing is to see the snow on the beach - something you never expect to see! You can tell just how high the waves came up by where the snow stops. And quiet - not even the birds are squawking! They are not chasing after the person holding the funnel cake or trying to grab the pizza from your hands. And sometimes the quiet does get to you and you wonder - am I the last person left on earth????? Fortunately Coral Sands is also open year round so I do get to see other human beings!
Then comes Spring and you know that things will start perking up soon. The waves start to recede allowing more of the beach to be seen. There are the sounds of hammers and saws as contractors start the outside repairs they could not do all winter. People are cleaning up any storm damage, painting for the season, and getting everything in order. As the weather warms more people come down for the day and more importantly, for a couple of nights! As early spring winds into late spring, hold on to your hat - Summer is just around the corner!
Summer is excitement! The vacation people have waited for all year and saved for is finally here! The boardwalk is alive! The birds are everywhere! Ahhh, the smell of the pizza, popcorn and all the other food smells are a constant presence. The scent of sunscreen is all around you - and some of the sunscreen scents seem good enough to eat! Everything is open. You can't wait to hit the beach and boardwalk. And people are everywhere! Welcome to Ocean City! Thank you for making Ocean City part of your vacation plans! People are walking the sidewalks, cars are waiting in traffic, and the town has come alive! And just when you feel as though you have had enough......along comes Fall. What a great place to live!
Hope to see you soon so you can experience one of these seasons - or come down 4 times a year and experience them all!


Serendipity Bed and Breakfast

Monday, September 6, 2010

People Come and People Go

I was sitting on the porch the other day - enjoying watching the world go by. A man and his son were riding their bikes when the man turned around and stopped in front of Serendipity. He came up on the porch and asked if I was the owner. When I told him yes, he said he had been meaning to stop for a year or so. His mother used to stay at Serendipity and loved it. She loved Ocean City and had passed on that love to him. He told me his mother's name and it sounded familiar. Then he showed me her picture. I recognized her as a person who had stayed here a few times. I think she generally went to one of the shows while she was here. She would come a couple of times during the summer. He told me she had passed away very quickly. It was very nice of him to tell me. When guests who had come regularly no longer come, I wonder what happened to them. Did they go elsewhere? Are they sick? Have they passed away? Did the economy hurt them badly? I appreciate the extra effort this man went through to answer that question for me and I am glad that Serendipity was here for his mother when she came to Ocean City.

On a brighter note, I was on the boardwalk the other night - yes occasionally I do have a chance to get up there! - when a couple with a baby called me. They had stayed at Serendipity and showed me the reason they have not been back for a year - a beautiful baby! I told them if they were fortunate enough to get a sitter for the weekend I would love to have them here again!

Two instances where I learned why people have not returned. Closure is a good thing:) Katharine, rest in peace.

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast