Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to know when Spring has arrived

So how do you know when Spring has arrived? Tough question :) Some people look at the calendar, see that March 20 says that Spring Begins and say yippee, Spring is here. Other people wait until they see a robin - always a harbinger of Spring. But for me and Serendipity, Spring has arrived when I get that special phone call. Deb calls to tell me the pansies are in and she will be down to plant them! What says Spring better than pansies? And thank heavens they are a hardy plant!
So this year I received that "Spring has arrived" call from Deb but there was a bonus. She was coming down with 2 of her gardening friends. On Tuesday Deb, Jay and Randy arrived and in no time at all the pansies were planted and the front of the house looks great! What was even greater was the labor cost - a cup of tea and some razz-ma-taz bars that I had. (If you do not know what razz-ma-taz bars are they are made with white chocolate, raspberry jam and almonds. A big favorite at the afternoon teas.) It was a win-win situation for me - the front garden looks pretty, got to serve tea and a sweet to friends, and wonderful conversation. So Happy Spring everyone! Serendipity is definitely in spring mode!

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