Friday, May 6, 2011

Martin Z Mollusk Day!

Yesterday, May 5, was not only Cinco de Mayo but even more importantly, it was Martin Z. Mollusk Day! This is a very important day in Ocean City because if Martin sees his shadow then summer comes one week early to Ocean City - and we all want that! Before I tell you the result, I am going to keep you in suspense and talk about the events leading up it. (Now, if you already saw the results on Facebook, don't give away the ending. And for those who did not see the results on Facebook, 'like' SerendipityNJ on Facebook and read all about what goes on in Ocean City!)
To the music of Pomp and Circumstances played by the OCHS band, the procession to the beach started, lead by the Trash Buster. Already on the beach was Mama Llama who did not seem at all happy being there. Maybe because it was windy. But it was a gorgeous day to be on the beach despite the wind. A beautiful blue sky which did contain some clouds. Mark Soifer, AKA Trash Buster and mentor to Martin, made some opening remarks. Next was music from the Wind Chime Band. Then, because of Martin's advanced age - 111 in hermit crab years - Dr Frankenstein accompanied by Nurses Excellent and Perfect examined Martin to ensure he was in good enough condition to finish the important task at hand. Fortunately, Martin was deemed to be in excellent health! Now came the moment of suspense - would Martin see his shadow? All of a sudden, the sun went behind a cloud. Oh no - now what!!!??? But not to worry. The sun emerged from behind the cloud, Martin was placed on the sand and YEAH, he saw his shadow. Mama Llama confirmed the sighting of the shadow and the crowd went wild! Once more summer comes one week early to Ocean City!
For pictures and video, click on this link
A friend of mine took them and if you look closely you'll even see me! Make plans to come for Martin Z Mollusk Day next year!

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