Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guests become Friends!


If you have stayed at Serendipity then you know that to me this is my home first and a place of business second. I am always happy when people come in and tell me how cozy Serendipity is or how they feel like they are coming home. That is the atmosphere I try to project and it makes me feel great when it come across to people staying here. In keeping with that theme, it was a great couple of days for me when people who have stayed at Serendipity stopped in to say hello! Twyla has been coming to Serendipity since the previous owners were here and has continued coming after I bought Serendipity. She is a very interesting person and someone I enjoy talking with. Unfortunately this time in Ocean City there was no vacancy at Serendipity so she had to stay elsewhere. (I always feel bad when that happens.) What a great surprise that she stopped in before leaving town to say hello! Although I had people in for tea we were able to chat for a bit. Hopefully when she comes next time, there will be a room for her at Serendipity!
Sue popped in on Friday. She was just down for the day but wanted to say hello. Met her sister who was with her! Since it was breakfast time there was not much time to talk but I did appreciate that she stopped in. I know how much she enjoys the beach!
Today Joe and Verna stopped by. In Ocean City for the day with her sister and wanted to have her meet me! They also mentioned that they had my Christmas card on their refrigerator - so maybe I am part of the family!
Tomorrow Nancy says she will stop by when she is in Ocean City. It's nice to know that Serendipity is more than just a place to sleep and eat breakfast. It makes me feel very honored to know that I am more than just the "innkeeper" to people. Thank you for making me feel like I am part of your Ocean City memories. If you are in Ocean city, stop by and say hello. It's never an inconvenience!

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  1. I totally feel like I'm "home" at Serendipity! Not only because of the beautiful, cozy accommodations and amenities...but YOU make all the difference!

    I've stayed at other B&B's in Ocean City and by FAR you are the bestest~ I love when I come for the day that you always are welcoming and always have a smile ready!

    Love Serendipity AND you!!!

    Can't wait to stay again..hopefully SOON!