Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Peace

The winter is generally a quiet time of the year for me. It is a welcome break from the long days during the season. Kind of like a time for recharging! So how do I spend that time? I always take some time away from the inn. If I stay at Serendipity in the back of my mind is a list of things to do. So by getting away I get to leave that list at home! This year I went to an Innkeeper Conference in Charleston, SC and then spent some great time visiting family. My brother Pete lives in Fl and I spent a week there. It was great being able to get on the beach and have no worries! I then traveled to Al to visit my brother Dave and his family. It sure is nice to have family that welcomes you!
Back home and recharged, I start what I do every winter. I look around, take stock of what everything looks like, and decide what things will be done this year. Having Serendipity is just like having your own home. There are always repairs that need to be done. Fortunately I have a guy who is extremely handy. So we (meaning him and NOT me!) did some patchwork. Repairing plaster walls is fun.....or so I try to convince him!
The best part is redecorating! Suite Dreams got some makeovers this year. Suite Dreams now has a 32" TV. And to make your TV watching more enjoyable, I bought a new loveseat and chair for Suite Dreams. They are both in white wicker and look so crisp and clean!If you are looking for a room to just hang out in, that is the room you want.
Room #6 Ocean Breeze, also got some makeovers. While Ocean Breeze is my smallest room, I really think it is such a cute and cozy room. One thing that always bothered me was the sink in the bedroom. The sink is still there, but now there is a new sink and a vanity that hides the pipes! I love it! Ocean Breeze also has a new chair in the room. Instead of the green wicker, there is a sparkling white wicker chair! The lights above the mirror over the sink have also been changed. I love the way this room looks!
So those are the major changes done so far. There may be a few more changes, maybe some painting but nothing drastic. And I almost forgot - I have a new area rug in the living room. Wait until you see it - the guests who have been here all love it and so do I! Can't wait to see what you think!
So that is what innkeepers do in their downtime. Another form of work but a lot of fun, too. I am so fortunate to be living such a wonderful life.

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