Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Bridge into Ocean City

Well, the long-awaited bridge into Ocean City is just about completed. Finishing touches will complete the bridge in late fall. When reading about the bridge construction, I saw that it started in fall of 2006. I bought Serendipity in January 2006 - the construction has been going on for almost as long as I have lived here! Maybe that is why I never saw the construction as a hindrance - I didn't know any better! Seriously, I always viewed the new bridge as an improvement coming into and leaving Ocean City. Whenever you had an appointment off the island, you always had to build in time just in case the bridge was opened so one lone boat could pass. Nothing more frustrating, in the middle of winter, having to wait while the bridge opened and closed. No more of that! Now that the bridge is 98% done, I love the view coming onto the island. I never realized how many houses there were until I saw the view from the top of the bridge. Wow - Ocean City is one built up town! There is also such an amazing view of the bay area. When the new Visitor's Center is built, there will be an area there where you can sit and look out into the bay. That will be a wonderful view.  I have not been to the new fishing pier yet but those who have say it is really nice. There are lights there, a parking area, bathrooms (yay) and places to fish. All of this just adds to the beauty of Ocean City! How wonderful that a project like this was actually thought out and completed to be a wonderful complement to a wonderful town. Just wait until you come into town. Hope you enjoy the view as much as I do!

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